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HostMetro is a relativelty new web hosting provider which is one of the fastest growing hosts and has been rated higly by top experts. It is a new brand of shared web hosting which is managed by a tem with over 50 years of web hosting experience. This team is dedicated to provide its customers with a reliable and high-performance hosting service, effective customer support and a risk-free purchase experience. 
HostMetro has a unique approach to being reliable and effective for its customers with its great uptime and ridiculously low prices for all the features it offers. As it is a new web hosting provider in the market not too much can be said about its features and advantages inthe long run. On the other hand it would not be wrong to say that HostMetro has been quite impressive in this short span of time.
Lets take a look at some of the Pros and Cons of this hosting provider to make it easier for you to compare it with others:


The best thing about HostMetro is that it guarantees locked in rates. This means that unlike all other hosting providers it will not try to sell you hosting at a cheap introductory rate and later boost its rates when it comes to renewal time.
The extremely cheap rate of only $1.96 - $3.95 a month with a free domain registration is what makes it super affordable for all types of customers, be it beginners or professionals.
 Hostmetro has got one of the best billing and support teams out there in the market. The support staff is very patient and quite helpful whenever you come across an issue regarding your website.
This hosting provider uses cpanel for the user control panel. The cpanel is quite simple and very easy to use, and if you are managing more than one sites you can easily do it through one interface which is the cpanel itself.


I havent been able to come across any negative aspects of HostMetro given that it is a quite young hosting provider. Still i would have to mention that the HostMetro support staff is not very active on the sociial media sites. Most of the people prefer submitting their queries on these sites but incase of HostMetro they would have to face disappointment.
Since it is a new hosting provider I cannot guarantee to make it your prime choice when it comes to choosing a hosting provider for yourself. I would advise you to look into and compare other renown hosting providers before choosing HostMetro

Final Verdict

A decent, not excellent web hosting provider which is a good option to choose if you are a beginner or are on a tight budget. Highly user friendly and not at all a burden on your pocket.